OwnGraphics - These guys are responsible for the logo and banner that I use across this website, YouTube, Twitch and social media. Their artists do a great job with great customer service. I highly recommend any fellow streamers reading this to check them out! Click their logo to the right to be taken straight to their site.

Juicy Game Reviews

Juicy Game Reviews - Also known as TheGebs24, Gemma is a fellow YouTuber and gamer. She regularly uploads videos and updates her website so go take a look! Click the image to be taken to her website and then don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel while you're there :-)

Gamer Born Clothing - These guys make some great quality clothes and merchandise for gamers. Along with their own designs they also offer the ability to submit custom designs and do some GFX work too. Click on the image to be taken to their website or click HERE to support their GoFundMe campaign so that they can reduce prices further.

Hey, Gamers!

On this page you'll find some links to other folks that I think are cool. If you like anything that they're doing and get in touch with them, don't forget to tell them that Game Booth sent you!

BlueKindgom Customs on Facebook
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BlueKindgom Customs - BlueKingdom is responsible for any of the cosplay stuff that I may do in the course of my gaming life from now on. He built me a set of Mandalorian armour for a couple of conventions here in the UK and is now starting to branch out from custom Halo figures into cosplay kit in general. Clicking the image will take you to his Facebook page as, at the moment, he doesn't have his own website set up.

Gamer Born Clothing