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Hey, Gamers! 

Welcome to! Here I plan on creating a sort of hub for you all to find everything you need to follow me through the world of gaming.

Up top, you'll see the main navigation buttons for the site. For those in desktop view, on the left you'll see links to information pages and also (as time goes on) this is where you'll find console specific stuff too. Those buttons will come in time as I build a bigger library of information and footage.

Just below this text box, highlighted in green, you'll see a feed of my WordPress blog. This will be where I keep you up-to-date with any newsworthy items, such as events, console launches and milestones. For the UK Top 40 posts, it looks better if you click on the post to load up the WordPress version. The table doesn't translate too well into the feed.

Underneath the blog feed is a slideshow of images. These images are what I created as custom thumbnails for my YouTube videos and clicking on them will link to the video directly.

If anyone does see some bright, citrus-colour boxes at the bottom of any pages on here, they're ads that I've placed for products related to gaming and electronics in the hope of getting a bit of revenue going and your ad-blocker is on.

Have a good one!

​           ~Game Booth